For David...

You lie face down

chest rising in a pattern all your own

on the bed we’ve shared for two nights

arms in a triangle supporting your head full of curls

You are a linear progression…after this triangle

Body slender

wrapped in the cover cloth

thighs touching each other

parting at the knees to reveal long muscular and hairy legs

Your feet hang over the edge of the bed

your 6’2” frame too lengthy for the double-bed masquerading as queen

Afraid to wake you

I tiptoed out earlier to great the New Year sun

You are still arranged neatly on the bed when I return

I come near to give you a kiss

you mumble: I have dragon breath

I retort: so what?!

I attempt to spoon and fall back to sleep

I end up fidgeting, disturbing your morning slumber

I give up and grab my journal

I must begin the year right

I promised to write more this year

I watch you sleep as I write…

I want to tell of the blissful couple o’days

we have spent together

after what seems like easily a few thousand text messages

flirting, sharing our days, ourselves, with each other

This spur-of-the-moment trip has been everything I could’ve dreamt it to be

Yemaya waves swelling, crashing, dredging up sand to dump on the shore

warm peanut butter sand beneath our feet

bonfires giggling and tickling the sky

cotton balls of clouds giving glimpses of the heavens

medium-rare local bands providing the highlife for our steps

I couldn’t have planned any of it

In fact, I’m glad we just showed up and went with the flow

From the first undressing after our frolic in the ocean to the harried photo shoot as we rushed to catch the cab

It was great not to have planned any of it

9 thoughts on “Busua

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing these beautiful life moments. We will never forget the ones that are no longer with is.

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