It feels like it’s been moving so fast…well, it has…I guess… but it feels like a natural progression from that first hug. Abi? When I first saw you on the farm, I never would have imagined lying next to you on some beach for New Year’s Day. I’ve had an amazing 42 hours and it … Continue reading Fast

Monsoon Love

You arrive soaked In this monsoon That the heavens unleashed on us I hurry to towel you dry With the purple towel That has my initials: KDY Given to me on  my 33rd birthday By my first African lesbian lover Say, is it blasphemous to cradle you You my new love In what we used … Continue reading Monsoon Love


The unimpeded kisses I received over the past three days linger on my lips. Your butterfly kisses gently brush my cheeks. Your smell consumes my nostrils. Your silky dark-brown skin continues to tickle my palms. My mouth salivates in anticipation of our next tongue-wrestle. My spine tingles as I recall the feeling of your breath … Continue reading Memories


It’s been ages...literally...maybe like 10 years...since any man paid that much attention to my body. Paid attention to my soul, checked in on energy levels, communed with my spirit, communicated freely. I tell you my desire and you don’t hesitate to fulfill it. I feel no shame asking for what I need. You listen attentively, you encourage me to … Continue reading Attention