Sankofa Guide

I went to the Heritage Museum the second week I was here, and literally everything in the museum bore resemblance to things back home. Some things like the “coal pot” and “grinding stone” are still being used in some places in Ghana in this present day. As I walked through, I wished for some miracle that people here would know how strong the connection is. How we really are one people no matter what the Colonizer would have us believe. Sigh. Sadly, I think this perspective is only gained by traveling and perhaps reading and talking to actual real-live Africans 🙂 (to an extent) and I’ve decided I am more than happy to be the guinea pig and tour guide.

Getting Lost and Star-Spotting (Days 5, 6, & 7)

I met Tia Mowry, her husband Cory and their son Cree today while I was on Sandy Island! It was the highlight of my day I'd say. Today, I also went farther out in the ocean than I've attempted going since I arrived. I still harbour a fear of just floating out to sea and … Continue reading Getting Lost and Star-Spotting (Days 5, 6, & 7)

Summer Plans Anyone?

My summer has officially begun! I know it's technically 3 more weeks before the official proclamation but mine has begun. I'm perched carefully on a makeshift bean-bag on my small porch. I've got Hezekiah Walker and CeCe Winans and Yolanda Adams praising in the background. I've decided to write something everyday for my summer beginning today, the … Continue reading Summer Plans Anyone?

Mother, You Forgot Something

(a lil somn' somn' I'm trying out) “You left something behind.” I managed to say. I didn't know where I got the energy. “I’ll be back for you, sweetie. I promise.” She grabbed her make-up pouch from me. “That’s what Daddy said too.” “I know, but I am not your father.” She patted my head … Continue reading Mother, You Forgot Something