How Brown Skin Behaved In The Heat


There was a heat wave in England last week; it was all too much sunshine for me

Coming from Africa recently but after a while I came out wondering what I would see

I met enough feminine flesh to make a good Muslim flee! Or make a black man happy

Give them a break it’s just how they were raised.  It’s called cultural relativity

They were told women were evil, encouraged to rape any female they find too revealing

They were told she’ll stir up the devil in Him. So they wrapped her up and blamed her for sin

Built her a cage and a prison to safely reside, made her swallow her pride

Told her the laws can’t withstand the frenzied lust of an unrestrained man

Men are powerless, pliant and weak in the palm of a feminine hand

Surely the Queen shouldn’t let such brutes into her land

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on the edge: i let the darkness comfort me for a moment

From my sister friend


I am sitting in a Peet’s coffee shop staring out the window.

No coffee, no tea, no pastries – I left my wallet at home. Not that I could afford tea and pastry anyway but I like to feel like I have options.

I managed to get myself to do chores around the house and get dressed. I skipped the shower because taking one seemed like it would be too much and I may never leave the house If I had to do it. I was on the edge.

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Mother, You Forgot Something

(a lil somn' somn' I'm trying out) “You left something behind.” I managed to say. I didn't know where I got the energy. “I’ll be back for you, sweetie. I promise.” She grabbed her make-up pouch from me. “That’s what Daddy said too.” “I know, but I am not your father.” She patted my head … Continue reading Mother, You Forgot Something