“Musings of an African Woman.” Blog. July 2010-Present

Behavioral Health Unit” Queermentalhealth.orgOnline. August 2015.

On the Business of Choosing DearsHolaafrica. Online. June 2015.

“Where is Your Husband?” Writing Fire: An Anthology of the Power of Women’s Voices. May 2015.

Ralph and Jeanette Rotondo Go Together Like a Horse and Carriage.” “Sonsini Family Keep Italian Traditions Alive in the Berkshires.Berkshire Mosaic: A Multicultural Bridge Living History Project. Berkshire Eagle and Multicultural Bridge collaboration. October 2014 & May 2015.

An African Woman’s Lot in LifeThis Is Africa. Online. August 2014.

“The Covered Wagon” Pentimento Magazine. June 2014.

All Because of a Name!” “I am Beautiful the Way God Made Me!Digging Through the Fat. Online. April 2014.

v Article (October 2013)

“Scotch Bonnets Are Not For the Fainthearted” Spoonwiz

Essay (September 2013)

“Race and the Invisible Cloak of Black” The Feminist Wire

v Essay (August 2013)

Feed People; Heal SchismsSpoonwiz

v Prose Poems (Spring 2013)

My Body” “Arrival Day” “You” Fierce Hunger: Writing from the Intersection of Trauma and Desire.

v Article (June 2012)

All About Color: AWP 2012 Recap in Chicago” VONA Voices Newsletter

v Prose Poem (Spring 2012)

Traversing Waters…Bodies of” Conversations Across Borders; Collaborative Project with Poet, Hinemoana BakerJordan Hartt, ed.

v Prose Poem (Spring 2012)

Old White People” MOOT Magazine 

Master’s Thesis and Marcella Althaus-Reid Best Essay 2010 (Winter 2011)

Not Just a Phase: Single Black Women in the Black Church

Queer Religion: LGBT Movements and Queering Religion v.2 (ABC-CLIO, LLC)

Donald L. Boisvert and Jay Emerson Johnson, ed.

Article (Spring 2011)

“AWP: Writing and Remembering in Washington, D.C.” CIIS Blog (Writing and Consciousness MFA program)

Prose Poem (Summer 2010)

Inhabiting the Inter-Spaces” Logos Magazine (Pacific School of Religion) Megan Dowdell, ed.

v Personal Essays (Summer 2010)

All Because of a Name

I am Beautiful The Way God Made Me!

Immigrants in a Foreign Land

African Women Writing Resistance (University of Wisconsin Press)

Jennifer Browdy de Hernandez, Pauline Dongala, Omotayo Jolaosho, and Anne Serafin, ed.

v Excerpt from the Memoir (Summer 2010)

The Coal Pot” Inside Your Ear: Selected Writings from Oakland Word

(Oakland Public Library Press) Kenji C. Lui, ed.

Hear me read it here

v Prose Poem (Spring 2009)

“Becoming Bi: The First Time” [nom de plume Ewurakua Sempe II]

Getting Bi: Voices of Bisexuals Around the World (2nd Ed.)

(Bisexual Resource Center Press) Robyn Ochs and Sarah E. Rowley, ed.

v Reportage (Fall 2002)

“CTA Meets the Black Catholic Congress” Church Watch (Call to Action, Chicago)

v Article (Fall 2001)

“A Call to Action” The Difference (University of Dayton)

v Poem (Fall 1998)

“Take Time!” Gesture (Ohio Dominican College)

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