Churros for Highlighters

The yellow highlighter I was using before. Its diameter, the thickness of my thumb. Smooth and slick. I turn it around in my hand, putting it between my fingers as one would a cigarette. My fingers travel up the round thick barrel to the cover. The cover feels smaller and grooved like a small version of a churro. It sits atop the round barrel. I tug at it. It comes off easily and falls to the ground rolling away towards a cushion. It stops at the edge of the red silk cushion lying next to the pen. The red silk cushion beckons to me. I reach for the cushion, accidentally jabbing it with the highlighter forgetting it was uncapped. I suck air through my teeth for the second time as I drop the highlighter and reach for the stained red silk cushion. It slips out of my reach.

“They Are From the Motherland!” (International Women’s Day at Bard College, Simon’s Rock)

So I’m doing all the things I imagine celebs doing—shaking hands, nodding yes’s and no’s, thinking up quick answers to various questions ranging from “who inspired this or that story” to “why do you write”—when I glance over and see a group of giggling young women of African descent. Their excited faces give me the … Continue reading “They Are From the Motherland!” (International Women’s Day at Bard College, Simon’s Rock)

WordPress Intimidation Post AWP

There! I'm here at the page. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think "I need to blog" but it has come to be so intimidating that I've been paralyzed for a while. I don't have anything to say. Who wants to read what I have to say anyway? The list of … Continue reading WordPress Intimidation Post AWP