#52essays: You Are Not Mine to Keep

I ready myself because I know you will leave eventually. I don't usually sit still and do nothing because the demons, they haunt me then. So a couple times, I jump up and suggest we do an activity, but you are content with talking, being with me, just taking it all in. You tell me … Continue reading #52essays: You Are Not Mine to Keep

#52essays: The Scabs

My sister got married today. She asked me to pour the ceremonial libation which is an integral part of any auspicious gathering in our culture, at the reception dinner. I positioned myself and steadied the plant that would be the recipient, my voice and hands shook as I juggled the mic and calabash. As I … Continue reading #52essays: The Scabs


"I want passion so strong That it makes me wanna cry I want nothing short of Butterflies Yeah butterflies I’m sorry it took me so long To figure out I’m worth it " "Butterflies" by Rissi Palmer [I've spliced this song some kinda bad but it works for my purposes and I guess I figure … Continue reading Butterflies


For David... You lie face down chest rising in a pattern all your own on the bed we’ve shared for two nights arms in a triangle supporting your head full of curls You are a linear progression...after this triangle Body slender wrapped in the cover cloth thighs touching each other parting at the knees to … Continue reading Busua