For David... You lie face down chest rising in a pattern all your own on the bed we’ve shared for two nights arms in a triangle supporting your head full of curls You are a linear progression...after this triangle Body slender wrapped in the cover cloth thighs touching each other parting at the knees to … Continue reading Busua

Literally I

You took my breath away. And it was literal. I used to hear clichés like this one all the time and think: yeah sure! And then I met you and I got it. That proverbial light bulb just went off. So this is what they meant. It’s the I-can’t-breathe-but-don’t-want-to-come-up-for-air The wait-while-I-wipe-that-silly-grin-off-my-face That now-where-were-we That I-know-I-just-saw-you-but… … Continue reading Literally I

Amakka- Part II

“Dinner was great, huh ladies?” Ranni asked the next morning as we walked to class. “I like the new student!” I declared emphatically. “Correction, prospective student! And of course you would!” Chinukwe retorted. “What is that supposed to mean?”  I asked searching their faces as they both pretended to find another subject of concern at … Continue reading Amakka- Part II