Of Cabins and Greens Beneath the Snow

Afihyia Pa! It is Day 13 into the New Year. I made no special resolutions to begin this year. I didn’t even plan to release my blog post on the 1st as I did last year. For some reason, this year entered my consciousness nonchalantly. A month prior to NYE, I had made some plans … Continue reading Of Cabins and Greens Beneath the Snow

Summer Plans Anyone?

My summer has officially begun! I know it's technically 3 more weeks before the official proclamation but mine has begun. I'm perched carefully on a makeshift bean-bag on my small porch. I've got Hezekiah Walker and CeCe Winans and Yolanda Adams praising in the background. I've decided to write something everyday for my summer beginning today, the … Continue reading Summer Plans Anyone?

Being A Writer with a Mental Illness

About a week ago I got a surprise email from Lisa asking me to participate in a blog meme. I love Lisa's blog, and I love Lisa. We met in June 2010 at both our first VONAs, and have remained friends since. I love her art and her writing and her sewing and and. Lisa is talented in a … Continue reading Being A Writer with a Mental Illness

An Interview I Gave

Interview with Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah of African Women's Development Fund ******* NS: How did your journey as a writer start? K.D.Y: I started scribbling on pieces of paper at around age 8 or 9 after my abuse. I think it was a way to deal with the chaos in my head and body. I continued with … Continue reading An Interview I Gave