The people came out. One by one, each bringing a bowl, a basket, a tray, a kitchen towel concealing a baguette. She had put a long table and two lawn chairs out for her and her partner. It had been 6 months of social distancing and the isolation was maddening enough that they had thrown … Continue reading Emerge

On the Business of Choosing Dears

It started when she claimed me as her Dear from among the entire first year class. I was excited. Her reputation preceded her. I knew who she was because all the lower formers had been talking about Sister Avery. She was tall, standing at 6'2'' a head and half taller than most of her classmates, and weighed in … Continue reading On the Business of Choosing Dears

Being A Writer with a Mental Illness

About a week ago I got a surprise email from Lisa asking me to participate in a blog meme. I love Lisa's blog, and I love Lisa. We met in June 2010 at both our first VONAs, and have remained friends since. I love her art and her writing and her sewing and and. Lisa is talented in a … Continue reading Being A Writer with a Mental Illness

Mother, You Forgot Something

(a lil somn' somn' I'm trying out) “You left something behind.” I managed to say. I didn't know where I got the energy. “I’ll be back for you, sweetie. I promise.” She grabbed her make-up pouch from me. “That’s what Daddy said too.” “I know, but I am not your father.” She patted my head … Continue reading Mother, You Forgot Something

Hello, My Name is…

I sat with my friend Nana as we settled in for the four-hour journey putting our snacks and water bottles in the back pockets behind the seats.  We were fussing over who got the window seat. “Hey! Where are you ladies from? I heard an American accent,” he flashed a smile our way as Nana … Continue reading Hello, My Name is…