#52essays: You Are Not Mine to Keep

I ready myself because I know you will leave eventually. I don't usually sit still and do nothing because the demons, they haunt me then. So a couple times, I jump up and suggest we do an activity, but you are content with talking, being with me, just taking it all in. You tell me … Continue reading #52essays: You Are Not Mine to Keep

#52essays: Peut-être, peut-être, peut-être

A refrain of my own thoughts has been ricocheting around my brain for some time now but I haven't been able to put words to it until now. I belong to me and for right now, that's all there is. Me. And I (me) should be worth it to stay alive for. The past 8 … Continue reading #52essays: Peut-être, peut-être, peut-être

#52essays: Shame, Guilt, and Expectations

A close friend of mine told me about the impermanence of things and getting attached to things that will pass away inevitably. Like this pain and regret for trusting yet another white person. She explained that if all things will pass away then it makes no sense to let it consume us as much as it usually does. I think as true as this is, it's still difficult to live by it because we as humans are conditioned a certain way. Will my non-attachment prevent me from this feeling right now?

Mother, You Forgot Something

(a lil somn' somn' I'm trying out) “You left something behind.” I managed to say. I didn't know where I got the energy. “I’ll be back for you, sweetie. I promise.” She grabbed her make-up pouch from me. “That’s what Daddy said too.” “I know, but I am not your father.” She patted my head … Continue reading Mother, You Forgot Something