The people came out. One by one, each bringing a bowl, a basket, a tray, a kitchen towel concealing a baguette. She had put a long table and two lawn chairs out for her and her partner. It had been 6 months of social distancing and the isolation was maddening enough that they had thrown … Continue reading Emerge

Welcome to America

“Welcome to America!” Aunty V exclaimed as she moved towards my sister and I arms outstretched with a long winter coat tucked under her left arm. “Finally, you are here!” Mother added We hadn’t seen her in almost a year, and hadn’t lived with her in about fourteen. “What about me?” I looked down to … Continue reading Welcome to America

Update on Life as I Have Known It

Hi Blog Family! It's been about 3 months since I blogged. Basically since I was hospitalized in March-April, I haven't written much. I've had two publications come out: Writing Fire: An Anthology Celebrating the Power of Women's Words and Berkshire Mosaic, both of which were fun pieces to write. The former celebrated a fictionalized version of … Continue reading Update on Life as I Have Known It

On the Business of Choosing Dears II

Read Part 1 here Sister Avery must have done her research or at least talked to my dorm mates. I glanced at Wynie to see if she'd betray Sister Avery's snooping. She was too busy licking her fingers, slowly melting the piece of chocolate she had popped into her mouth, waiting for the fruit-filled center … Continue reading On the Business of Choosing Dears II

On the Business of Choosing Dears

It started when she claimed me as her Dear from among the entire first year class. I was excited. Her reputation preceded her. I knew who she was because all the lower formers had been talking about Sister Avery. She was tall, standing at 6'2'' a head and half taller than most of her classmates, and weighed in … Continue reading On the Business of Choosing Dears