Amakka–Part III

Read Part I here Read Part II here Read Part III below: “Since the movie is not until 7pm, I propose we get dinner first, she suggested. “Sure, what would you like to eat?” After about fifteen minutes of roaming the main strip of shops and restaurants in the center of town, we settled on … Continue reading Amakka–Part III

Ode to Audre

I found you while searching for books by other Black women, other immigrant women, other writing women, other queer women.  I didn’t know of you before then. Perhaps I wasn’t supposed to know because I wasn’t ready. back then, I was scared of queerness, skittish about writing, deathly afraid of Blackness, ashamed of claiming my … Continue reading Ode to Audre

A Throwback to my first AWP

AWP: Writing and Remembering in Washington, D.C. By KUUKUA YOMEKPE, MFA student in the Writing and Consciousness MFA program This post was written as an assignment for Professor Cindy Shearer’s Aesthetics of Value course. In Aesthetics of Value, students explore their arts heritage and inquire into the values that guide their creative work. I didn’t expect the Association … Continue reading A Throwback to my first AWP

A Heavy Writing Prompt

Jay, her partner, walked into the bathroom and grabbed her toothbrush. In the glow of the candle light Nana thought she looked liked an angel, ethereal almost. Like she was dreaming her. Nana watched as this figure looked over at the tub trying to locate her under all those bubbles. She lay still. Tonight Nana … Continue reading A Heavy Writing Prompt