#52essays: Manifest (Black) Destiny!

I accepted a position at a college in another remote location. My 5th move to a small white village/town. My cousin says, "as for you, you love you some white people or maybe it's the cold..." I don't answer her with much because I can't really defend myself. All my adult life I've never been … Continue reading #52essays: Manifest (Black) Destiny!


You ask me to sit awhile with you. Instead I open your windows; talk about the rustling plantain trees; about doing your laundry; ask what you would like to eat for dinner. All the while standing.  I don’t know how to visit with you. I sat rubbing your legs that one evening when you had that severe gas bubble … Continue reading SKIN

Beautiful Ebony Queen

Beautiful Ebony Queen, with eyes bright and skin shea-butter soft.What have you done to me?I am taking you in with every breath    and I don’t want to exhale.You take my breath while you give me fresh air.    Breathe for me.I call upon the ancestors,    the Queenly Mothers from a long line of Feminine Royalty.Hear me.Hear us.As we go … Continue reading Beautiful Ebony Queen

Afihyia Pa o! Afihyia Pa!

There is an emoji on my phone that has emoji Kuukua holding her nose from the stench of the thrash that is 2019. I am not quite sure I'd bag the whole 2019 and hold my nose on my way to the dumpster, but it was a rough year for a good chunk of the year. The year did have its moments of reprieve when something wonderful happened and I was just so thankful to have been witness to it, recipient of it, or the benefactor. Those are the moments I wish to focus on and give thanks for.