A Productive COVID or Is It?

Today Bae got fixated on a groundhog who has taken residence under our deck. Although I haven't seen more than one, Bae is convinced that there are more, a whole family. She was so tickled that she took several pictures and posted them on FB. She's also convinced that is is a female and she … Continue reading A Productive COVID or Is It?

Put Money Where Your Mouth Is!

Everyone is releasing a statement. Literally even my accounting firm say they are supporting their “customers” and they won’t stand for it. There are lots of articles just calling bs, mostly because of how late they released these statements and how these places are known for racist practices. The Black struggle is in the news … Continue reading Put Money Where Your Mouth Is!

The Bank

And she said, “I just want to write.” And I look at her and smile remembering the belly laugh we just had over dinner. Rubbing our own bellies and comparing and contrasting our body flaws not realizing that the flaws are our interpretation of perfection. Not realizing that the bursts of laughter coming from apartment … Continue reading The Bank