No One Can Hold All This Darkness

No one can support all the grief I hold. I've known that for a while now. Sometimes it makes me whisper: I can’t do this anymore. The funny thing is that I could have been laughing and chatting up a storm with different people over the course of an evening and then boom I end … Continue reading No One Can Hold All This Darkness

Afihyia Pa o! Afihyia Pa!

There is an emoji on my phone that has emoji Kuukua holding her nose from the stench of the thrash that is 2019. I am not quite sure I'd bag the whole 2019 and hold my nose on my way to the dumpster, but it was a rough year for a good chunk of the year. The year did have its moments of reprieve when something wonderful happened and I was just so thankful to have been witness to it, recipient of it, or the benefactor. Those are the moments I wish to focus on and give thanks for.

#52essays: Mi Ma Mo Afihyia Pa O!

The song, "So this is Christmas" keeps making its rounds on my playlist and every time it comes on, I really pause and think: "what have [I ] done? Another year over, a new one just begun." I begun this year joining the #52essays challenge and even though I didn't do it justice, it gave me something to strive for. I begun this year with a lot of disappointment and upset over the business struggles and I end with a new clientele that has welcomed me. I am nowhere near where I started out this year and for the most part it's been needed and welcomed changes.

#52essays Daydream

Do I dare dream beyond the now Beyond this chilly Fall day That Spring will indeed meet us here And Summer will follow And we will be in love And want to be in each other’s lives still?   Do I dare dream that Perhaps at an age like ours We should go into it … Continue reading #52essays Daydream

I Dream of Ghana

7 years ago, I moved home to Ghana under the pretense of going to teach English. I use the word pretense because I got a job within days of arriving (whom you know!) I knew I couldn't handle Ghana just on my own; a job would create for me that ready-made community of friends. What … Continue reading I Dream of Ghana