Beautiful Ebony Queen, with eyes bright and skin shea-butter soft.
What have you done to me?
I am taking you in with every breath
    and I don’t want to exhale.
You take my breath while you give me fresh air.
    Breathe for me.I call upon the ancestors,
    the Queenly Mothers from a long line of Feminine Royalty.
Hear me.
Hear us.
As we go barefoot and knotted hair
    through this tangled world.
We hold each other’s hands and hearts;
We share stories of foods and places.
We confide in each other as we tell family secrets and our shame. And together we reveal our fears and weaknesses.
The revelation is… THERE IS NO SHAME HERE.
No weakness among us Queens.
You breathe me in.
    I breathe you out.
        Breaths and heartbeats synchronize.
Here, my Ebony Queen
    Take all my breath…
        Give me fresh air…
            BREATHE FOR ME.

November 2018 SCB for her love

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