Do I dare dream beyond the now

Beyond this chilly Fall day

That Spring will indeed meet us here

And Summer will follow

And we will be in love

And want to be in each other’s lives still?


Do I dare dream that

Perhaps at an age like ours

We should go into it

With thoughts of the forever

Do I question what forever means

For me?

For you?


Do I dare dream that perhaps

Given both our past journeys and paths

We will be most cautious with

And most generous and kind to

Each other’s souls?


Do I dare dream as your eyes wandered

Out to my balcony window

And you shared the meanderings of your heart

That we will sit here

At this dining table

Or at yours

For days



Maybe forever years

To come?


Do I dare let the romantic in me

Daydream about the possibility

Of calling another lover

Having a Beloved

Once again?


Do I dare let the realist in me

The pragmatist I am

Edge cautiously around the

Periphery of this daydream

Warning me of the time

I dared to dream

Such a dream as this?


Do I throw

Caution to the wind

Love like I didn’t lose

Laugh like I’ve never known sorrow

Giggle like a school girl

Blush that subtle burgundy

That only a black girl can?


Sitting by the ocean of a lake

That laps at the shores

Behind my house

I finally dare dream this daydream

One thought on “#52essays Daydream

  1. Thank you. You are a skilled artist as you paint your heart in ink. All I can say is THANK YOU for making my day a little more beautiful with your art. (((hugs)))

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