“A lot of people fall in love with you, huh?” He asked as he kissed me lightly.

“Oh! What would make you say that?” I replied coyly.

“Well for starters, you are a great lover. You do a lot of things right. You know just how to care for your lover. Always attentive to his…or her (he paused, then smiled) needs.”

Blushing, I nodded. “Yes. I have a trail of lovers. They fall, then they attempt to lock me in. Then I bolt. End of story. But not before I learn how to do better. I’ve got years on you (I wink). I get better with each one.”

He kissed me stronger and pulled me in for a hug.

“Whoever said Black women don’t blush was a liar. Mmm…you are even warm to the touch.” He nibbled on my ear and chuckled. I smiled at him grateful the conversation was over for now. My track record thanks to Oshun was definitely something to write home about, but I didn’t want this to ruin our night.

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