Mother asked if he was worth it. Is he serious? Is This serious? she said to me.

How could I confess I was the one who asked for him to be just another iron in my fire of relationships?

Can I explain to her that sometimes girls really just wanna have fun?

Nothing beats a new romance—the giddiness that creates a euphoric aura, the uncontrollable giggles, the whispered nothings, the stolen moments and hushed phone calls, the butterflies. Why would I want this to end?

Is it sustainable? she says. Probably not, but who knows tomorrow? I respond.

So to answer your question mother, I don’t know where it’s going nor do I know if it’s serious.
What I do know is that I’m having fun! And I haven’t had something like this in a long time! Serious or not, I like him a lot. He likes me a lot. We are having possibly the best time of our lives.

Mother looks bemused then she wants to get her mommy glasses on and give me her nurse lecture. I say, ” yes, yes, I know…” before she even begins. 2 weeks from 36 I sure as hell don’t want to have any babies or contract anything. I know the drill.

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