Afihyia Pa o! Afihyia Pa!

There is an emoji on my phone that has emoji Kuukua holding her nose from the stench of the thrash that is 2019. I am not quite sure I'd bag the whole 2019 and hold my nose on my way to the dumpster, but it was a rough year for a good chunk of the year. The year did have its moments of reprieve when something wonderful happened and I was just so thankful to have been witness to it, recipient of it, or the benefactor. Those are the moments I wish to focus on and give thanks for.

Of Cabins and Greens Beneath the Snow

Afihyia Pa! It is Day 13 into the New Year. I made no special resolutions to begin this year. I didn’t even plan to release my blog post on the 1st as I did last year. For some reason, this year entered my consciousness nonchalantly. A month prior to NYE, I had made some plans … Continue reading Of Cabins and Greens Beneath the Snow