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“Since the movie is not until 7pm, I propose we get dinner first, she suggested.

“Sure, what would you like to eat?”

After about fifteen minutes of roaming the main strip of shops and restaurants in the center of town, we settled on an Indian place. Over dinner we talked some more. My jokes about the cute waiter took our conversation in a different direction.

“So what’s your type?” I asked after she disagreed about the cuteness of the waiter.

She smiled, and very soon, we were sharing our dating history with each other. What we liked, our pet peeves, our non-negotiables as I like to call the absolutes. I felt so comfortable with her that I shared what most of my friends didn’t know.

“I’ve always wanted to kiss a woman,” she volunteered a few sentences into the conversation on fantasies.

“Oh?” I was slightly shocked. Did she say this because I had told her I dated a woman?

“Well why haven’t you? I challenged.

“The situation just hasn’t presented itself and I’m not usually an initiator.” She added.

“Hmmm…” I wondered if that was an invitation.

Over dinner, I learned that her uncle’s house where she was residing was infested with rats and so she’d been having a rather tough time falling asleep in the house. I offered her my couch for that night knowing that she was being picked up the next morning.

“Are you sure?” she asked for the third time.

“No, I’ve changed my mind since the last time you asked, I joked.

She playfully smacked my arm.

“Let’s go before we miss the beginning of our movie,” I said, glancing at my watch.


“Goodnight.” I said to Amakka. She had finally accepted my offer to stay on my couch for the night.

“Goodnight.” She responded.

“Are you warm enough?” I asked.

“Yeah for now. I’ll crawl in bed with you if I get cold,” she added.

“Well, Ok! Just make sure to crawl in on the other side. I’m pretty stuck in my ways about how and where I sleep on my bed.” I said.

“Are you attracted to me?” I just had to know.

“Wasn’t that obvious?” Amakka retorted.

“Well…I wasn’t too sure,” I said.

“So do you just want to crawl into bed with me now?” I asked laughing.

“Yes.” Amakka said.

As I scooted over for her to climb into my bed, I realized that I had given up my favorite place on the bed and had done so willingly.

“Are you sure?” She asked pointing to where she was laying now.

“Uh huh,” I said nodding.

“Are you comfortable? Do you feel seduced? Are you telling me the truth?” my own insecurities took control of me. Was this right? What if it interfered with her transferring to the school?

“Yes. I’m fine. No, I don’t feel seduced; I’m an adult, you know?” she said smiling. “And yes, I am telling you the truth,” she added.

“May I kiss you?” I asked, the sound of my voice drowning in the deafening sounds from the drum circle playing in my heart.

She nodded and smiled at me. She was beautiful. I prayed neither of us would regret it in the morning.

We kissed for a greater percentage of the night, stopping to lick and suck on breasts, and grind on each other’s thighs.

Had I had other virgins, she asked. I think I said a couple. Later I checked. Yes. Three. But none were like this. This comfort and lack of awkwardness was surreal. It was as if we had known each other for a long time. It felt as though she knew exactly how to touch me. Kiss me. It didn’t seem that a first timer could know this much, yet here she was, two hours later still awake, kissing me, switching briefly to pull her long hair out of our faces. She was gorgeous. Even though we both stayed fully clothed the whole time, the very skin on my body tingled all night long. Her long lithe body moved effortlessly next to mine as if it was meant to be there.

“Goodnight.” I said as I nibbled on her ear.

“Mmmm…Goodnight.” She responded curling further into the spoon I had created for her. I fell asleep holding her. We woke up exhausted but without regret. It was beautiful. We were beautiful together.

I wondered if I could ever share this with Chinukwe and Ranni. Would they feel betrayed? Would Amakka feel betrayed?

I kissed her inside before I opened the door for her to walk down to the waiting car.

“I hope you get in and we get to hang out,” I said, feeling shy for the first time. “Please don’t feel obliged to call me.” I didn’t know what else to say. I wasn’t looking for a relationship, not now at least. I had an amazing time being with her those twenty-four hours but I didn’t want her to feel any pressure. After all, she had just wanted to kiss a woman, not marry one. I kissed her one last time and made her promise to alert me when she arrived back at Nyamara.

“You can check it off your list,” I joked with her as she left.

“It’s not easy like that,” she winked.

“Safe travels,” I said prolonging our goodbye.

“Thank you. I hope you don’t fall asleep at work.” she smiled.



I resisted the urge to look out the window after I heard the front door slam shut.

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