The Hug (Part III)

PART II Every afternoon in Accra felt like 90 degrees, although I'm sure there were variations. To be out of Accra and it's bustle was a treat, but to be in cool 70 degree weather was heavenly. I floated away staring into the Aburi mountains rising before me. I was mesmerized by their mere existence … Continue reading The Hug (Part III)

The Hug (Part I)

"Heeeey! I didn't think you'd make it." He wore a smile that lit up his whole face. He reached in and gave me one of those squeezish hugs. Surprised, I took a second to relax into it. After all, this was a complete stranger I'd met on a bus. In the two weeks since we … Continue reading The Hug (Part I)

Texts II

You: "you give good hugs" Me: "i like to receive them" You: "no, for real, you give good hugs" Me: "so do you" You: "when can i have another one?" Me: "oh i don't know we live like an hour apart..." You: (sad face) "I know" Me: "cheer up, there's always the Accra Mall" … Continue reading Texts II


"I want passion so strong That it makes me wanna cry I want nothing short of Butterflies Yeah butterflies I’m sorry it took me so long To figure out I’m worth it " "Butterflies" by Rissi Palmer [I've spliced this song some kinda bad but it works for my purposes and I guess I figure … Continue reading Butterflies