Every afternoon in Accra felt like 90 degrees, although I’m sure there were variations. To be out of Accra and it’s bustle was a treat, but to be in cool 70 degree weather was heavenly. I floated away staring into the Aburi mountains rising before me. I was mesmerized by their mere existence and was in deep contemplation when he brushed my arm with the tips of his fingers. My body tingled.

“Penny for your thoughts?”

I smiled.

“You wouldn’t wanna know!” I dared.

He caught my eye and I blushed.

“We…really should be going, you know…we have one other stop before we head back to Accra.”

“Bummer, thought you’d be staying for dinner.”

“Maybe another time.”

“I’ll hold you to that!”

“Ok.” I said as he walked us to our waiting taxi. He reached in for a hug again. This time I was ready and I welcomed him. He 6′ 3″ body curved around my 5’6” frame.

When I came up for air, I was heady with excitement. Where was this coming from and why now?

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