It’s been quite the busy weekend and I’ve been quite the social butterfly. I began the July 4th holiday with a trip to Yum Yum, a relatively new restaurant on the island. I discovered it while browsing the downtown block a little bit east of The Valley. I was warmly welcomed and served. The music was a little bit too loud but the selections were great. I spent two hours cranking out a piece for Adventuresfrom and a piece for my own blog that I haven’t decided to post yet. I had a sausage pizza. It wasn’t wow, but it was good. The prices are reasonable given the cost of food on the island in general.

I left Yum Yum with all intentions to head home and rest but decided instead to retrace my steps and find out how I got lost on Tuesday night. I figured it out! I now know just about all of the main roads and how a few of the smaller ones that double-back to them. So in retracing my steps, I went back to Shoal Bay intending to dip in the ocean a bit but there was a guy collecting money to park so I told him there were plenty more beaches on the island and left. I think he was so used to tourists just forking over the money that I surprised him. I went back through The Valley and decided to take a different exit on the Roundabout (traffic circle). This time, it led me to Crocus Bay and da’Vida Restaurant. The view was spectacular. I thought I had seen some good views, but I think this one rivals the one from Viceroy. I wasn’t able to stop anywhere to go dip in the ocean but the views were enough. I returned home to take a nap and get ready for my evening.

I had made plans to meet my fellow Bay Area friends that I had met on Sandy Island on Wednesday. I planned to take them to B&D’s BBQ which is run by my host and her sisters. It’s the best on the island and my friends agreed with me. The ribs are to die for! We left there and decided to get drinks at Staw Hat where I’ve made a couple friends and the bartender is exceptionally good. I had the Passion Fruit Daiquiri for the second time and I’m now convinced that is my drink for the duration of the time I’m here.

My Bay Area friends said they had heard that Viceroy would be having fireworks that night in celebration of Independence. We drove there assuming it was open to the public. When asked for our reservations we informed them we were guests at one of the other famous resort on the island, Cap Juluca. That’s where my friends were staying and I guess by default I was too. 😀 We got into their central pool area just minutes before the fireworks went off. It was beautiful. I was humming the National Anthem in my head. The whole place was teeming with Americans; I wondered why they didn’t play it. The rest of the evening was spent listening to Lee England Jr., an amazing Hip Hop Violinist. Wow! A few other artists played; overall it was a festive evening.




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