Today was a relatively chill day. I promised my hosts and a friend that I would fix them a typical Ghanaian meal:Nkati3 wonu. Groundnut Soup. It’s a marriage between a satay and a curry. Slightly thicker than the curry but looser than a satay, although similar texture to both.

I bought all the ingredients last week so all I had to do was defrost them this morning. I really liked the fact that these were Black people who appreciated oxtail, neckbones, pigfeet and goat. It made it easier for me to cook it the traditional way. I’ve been making it for 20 years since I arrived in the US and more times than not, I’ve had to make it vegetarian or with chicken because I wanted to satisfy my new friends. It was great to know that they would enjoy it. I will post the recipe when I get a chance. I served it with cassava (yucca), soft boiled plantain, and the Japanese yams (which we call our sweet potato). Everyone who had it agreed that it was good. I kept wishing there was fufu, kenkey, or gari to go with it.

The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and sashaying to salsa and practice-wining to soca. 🙂

Later, after everyone was fed, my friend and I went for a long walk on the closest beach to us. We were served drinks to “Carry along” by a gentleman friend of ours who was a waiter at one of the restaurants. I had a frozen drink of some kind that was amazing. I’ve been drinking more often since I arrived because almost everyone has a cocktail with a meal. I know I shouldn’t be cos of the meds but some of the cocktails are just so amazing, I sneak them in.

So overall, I got some sun, some beach, music, a cocktail, and the huge satisfaction of feeding my host for the first time; she has been cooking two meals for me every day. I plan to do jollof next.

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