Coming Out to Cousin

"Nyame mpa ngu na Jesu moga impipa!" She utters these words as if she had been asked to exorcise a demon spontaneously. "God forbid! And Jesus' blood wash away!" She prays again. She was visiting. A distant cousin by marriage; her words really shouldn't have made such an impact. But because they were indicative of … Continue reading Coming Out to Cousin


We are not broken up/you are not dead/yet my tears just refuse to/stop flowing Every little thing/reminds me of you/I can’t play Meshell today/didn't want to hear Lauren or Tracy yesterday I make rice and notice/I only have to make one serving/I wrangle up a new batch of tears/while measuring/I see the last bowl you used … Continue reading GONE

deliriously happy

I lie on my bed/legs up in the air/bent at the knees/feet moving in syncopated rhythm/toes wiggling/waiting for your text/wondering if the silence means/sleep has claimed you early I am a school girl/all over again/I giggle often/laugh uncontrollably/blush at the slightest mention/of our relationship/I am/full of life I smile with every text that comes through … Continue reading deliriously happy