I lie on my bed/legs up in the air/bent at the knees/feet moving in syncopated rhythm/toes wiggling/waiting for your text/wondering if the silence means/sleep has claimed you early

I am a school girl/all over again/I giggle often/laugh uncontrollably/blush at the slightest mention/of our relationship/I am/full of life

I smile with every text that comes through knowing I am on your mind/I speak my mind/you speak yours/somehow we can stand each other/for now at least

3 thoughts on “deliriously happy

  1. @Celestine & Nana, I should have confessed a long time ago. Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. This poem in in reference to how i felt the entire time I was with David. Should have shared poems then, but better late than not at all, eh?

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