No one told me that you could get swallowed up into these things. I can’t decide on a theme that’s pretty and functional enough so I keep previewing. Arrgh! Anyway, I think I’m gonna try this one out for a week, and see how I feel. I think that my girls, Niki’s and Lisa’s, are the most functional out there. Well, here’s for trying something new out.
I met a fellow writer today. She visited a “writing for healing” class that Sharon Bray is teaching at PSR. It was quite inspiring to hear how she was using her writing to help people. She gave us a few prompt options in class.
I wrote on the first prompt. “Write a love letter to your body, or body part”
I wrote to my belly.
Maybe I will share it sometime.
In any case, it is late, Again! I am on here too late given that I am at work at 8am. Somebody, tell me why did I sign up for that?

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