"I want passion so strong That it makes me wanna cry I want nothing short of Butterflies Yeah butterflies I’m sorry it took me so long To figure out I’m worth it " "Butterflies" by Rissi Palmer [I've spliced this song some kinda bad but it works for my purposes and I guess I figure … Continue reading Butterflies

Literally II

To have someone take your breath away, literally, is a beautiful thing. I can’t explain the effect we have on each other. I, the poet- writer, I…can’t put this in words. And that’s hard for me to admit. Most relationships worth remembering Have gone down on paper. But this one…it’s baffling I don’t have the … Continue reading Literally II

Great Lover

“A lot of people fall in love with you, huh?” He asked as he kissed me lightly. “Oh! What would make you say that?” I replied coyly. “Well for starters, you are a great lover. You do a lot of things right. You know just how to care for your lover. Always attentive to his...or … Continue reading Great Lover

Literally I

You took my breath away. And it was literal. I used to hear clichés like this one all the time and think: yeah sure! And then I met you and I got it. That proverbial light bulb just went off. So this is what they meant. It’s the I-can’t-breathe-but-don’t-want-to-come-up-for-air The wait-while-I-wipe-that-silly-grin-off-my-face That now-where-were-we That I-know-I-just-saw-you-but… … Continue reading Literally I