The Bank

And she said, “I just want to write.” And I look at her and smile remembering the belly laugh we just had over dinner. Rubbing our own bellies and comparing and contrasting our body flaws not realizing that the flaws are our interpretation of perfection. Not realizing that the bursts of laughter coming from apartment … Continue reading The Bank


The people came out. One by one, each bringing a bowl, a basket, a tray, a kitchen towel concealing a baguette. She had put a long table and two lawn chairs out for her and her partner. It had been 6 months of social distancing and the isolation was maddening enough that they had thrown … Continue reading Emerge

A Mighty Oak Has Fallen

I stare at the plant, the lily, that received the Guinness libations on the night of Grandmother's wake. So much of tradition is lost when the burial of your loved ones are left in the hands of these newfangled funeral homes. My sister and I poured libations ceremoniously via Skype. This newfangled way of doing … Continue reading A Mighty Oak Has Fallen

#52essays: Manifest (Black) Destiny!

I accepted a position at a college in another remote location. My 5th move to a small white village/town. My cousin says, "as for you, you love you some white people or maybe it's the cold..." I don't answer her with much because I can't really defend myself. All my adult life I've never been … Continue reading #52essays: Manifest (Black) Destiny!


You ask me to sit awhile with you. Instead I open your windows; talk about the rustling plantain trees; about doing your laundry; ask what you would like to eat for dinner. All the while standing.  I don’t know how to visit with you. I sat rubbing your legs that one evening when you had that severe gas bubble … Continue reading SKIN