“Our Skin Is Trouble!”

This phrase is borrowed from Mr. Bansi aka Robert Zwelinzima in "Siswe Bansi is Dead" by Athol Fugard, John Kani, and Winston Ntshona. A play I came to know fairly well while vacationing in Anguilla. To say I'm sick and numb is an understatement. What has been happening since before Trayvon, Renisha, Eric, and now Michael has … Continue reading “Our Skin Is Trouble!”

30 Day Mental Illness Awareness Challenge – Day Four

This was so helpful to read. It articulates some of what I want to write sometimes but feel overwhelmed and shy to do.

Voices of Glass

30-day-challenge4Day 4: What are the pros and cons of having a mental illness(es) or your specific illness(es)?

This is a question (or subject) which I have often reflected on and indeed written on.

And in truth, there will no doubt be some commonalities in the answers given by different people doing this challenge. But because we are all unique and our circumstances unique I don’t doubt that there will no doubt be some answers that I give, which are entirely specific to me.

I think I am going to deal with the ‘cons’ first as I would very much like to end this post on a positive note rather than a negative one.

The ‘Cons’

Ok first the explanatory disclaimer.  The truth is that there are a whole myriad of cons which can be associated to having mental illness or experiencing poor mental health.  But in the interest of not…

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