“There is only one main road that connects this 13-mile long island. All side streets are dead-ends or they eventually lead back to this main one; there is no way you can get lost!” 

She said it with so much conviction, I didn’t have the nerve to argue with her. After all she was the native. 54 years on an island this small meant you knew all its nooks and crannies. Before I came, she informed me that she had bought a new car and so I would have access to hers. I was a tad bit hesitant to drive because traffic flows opposite to what I’ve grown up with. In any case, I figured I didn’t want to wake up early each day just to catch a ride with her into the city center so I had better get this license. So yesterday afternoon, her husband, PK took me to get my temporary license. I presented my MA license and $20 and in less than 5 minutes I had a temporary Anguilla license. 

“Remember to stay on the left!” The woman said to me as she handed me the license. “I’m going to work on it.” I assured her. I left the office and announced to PK that I was driving home. He moved into the passenger seat and I strapped on my seat belt. It’s funny how when you’ve grown up with something it’s second nature and you don’t have to think about it. Driving on the left is almost like learning to speak a new language with all its new rules. 

In any case, I headed out this morning full of excitement and ready for the Anguilla road and I am happy to report that I made it back home in one piece, with only one goof moment. The funny thing is that in that moment I was the indignant driver thinking: “what the hell are they doing in my lane!” I laughed when I caught myself. 

Last night, I went to the beach at 11pm to watch the stars and to dance to some old school music. It’s amazing to be surrounded by water on all sides. Of course some of the beach front is taken up by the expensive resorts but there’s still lots of beach. As I lay down on one of the chaises, I couldn’t help but wonder if my peeps in the U.S. and Ghana were also looking up and seeing the stars, these same stars. There’s nothing like the expanse of water, sky and mountains to calm my spirit and create a pensive attitude. For me, it’s difficult to say there is no higher power when I am staring at such beauty.

I crawled into bed at 1am thinking just how blessed I am to be here and how blessed that my mental health has improved so dramatically since April.

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