Shaded from the rays of the sun, yet situated where I can still enjoy the sunshine, I sit on a rocking chair.  The bright rays of the sun play on the leaves of the green tress that not so long ago were bare.  I have finally made good on my promise to drop by and hang out on Michael’ Porch.  I feel slightly guilty because I came to pick up Michael so we could go see Leenie play volleyball, but Michael is nowhere to be found.  I presume he is still running errands.  In any case, I decide to lounge here while I wait on him.  My loyalty is torn at this moment because I am taking in the peace and calm that is present here on this shaded porch when I should be cheering for my girlfriend in her volleyball tournament.  The chimes are soothing to listen to—those long tubular metal ones that deliver these awesome sounds like far off church bells.  I am anxious for Michael to return so that I can have a reason to leave and go where I am supposed to be. 

Later on in the day, after watching Leenie win her volleyball tournament, I return to Michael’s Porch.  The atmosphere out here is still gorgeous, but it has gotten progressively noisier; it seems as if everyone is home now.  There is a neighbor watering his plants, who lifts his arm in a friendly hello, numerous birds flitting about and chattering to one another, the rustling of the leaves as the wind touches them ever so lightly, and the intermittent sounds of an electrical gadget of some sort providing the whirring accompaniment to this musical symphony.  The chimes on the adjacent neighbor’s porch tinkle ever so quietly, as if to remind me to include their unique sound in my descriptions.  The wind is strong, yet gentle, and adds the final piece to this arrangement with a swooshing and aaahing that could almost be missed if one were not paying close attention, or if one did not have a trained ear.

A few weeks ago I began reading parts of Joyce Rupp’s “The Cosmic Dance” and being out here reminds me of what I read.  Something about being in complete unison with everything in the universe, in such unison that we were part of this cosmic dance that is forever occurring around us.  Of course, it is difficult to think of dancing this cosmic dance when you are in a funk, but I believe it is imperative that we remain, at the very least, cognizant of it at all times.  Sure, we may feel disconnected at times, but just like the longing and seeking that we experience in looking for love, or the Supreme One, we must attempt to pursue this oneness and unity with the entire universe in a similar fashion.

The barking of dogs draws me out of my reverie.  The barks do not continue incessantly, as is usually the case, but rather these barks seem to be on a timer as though triggered by an invisible alarm.  For now, everything around me seems to be taking advantage of this opportunity to join in this symphony, this cosmic dance.

The weather is beginning to cool down gradually yet all the sounds are still just as pronounced as they were when I first got out here.  The first place I return to every time I visit Ohio is Michael’s Porch.  For seven years, it has not failed to deliver.  The beauty, the sounds, the cosmic dance, the friendly faces, all there…time after time.

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