Farewell to My Summer Abroad

I just returned from taking a walk on Meads Bay. Next to Shoal Bay East, Meads Bay is my next favorite stretch of beach. It’s about two miles long and borders the island’s largest cluster of hotels and guest houses. From Viceroy to Malliouhana. I like this beach also because it’s pure sand. Some of … Continue reading Farewell to My Summer Abroad

Piers of Life

Tears brim as the sharp wind stings my eyes and flirts with my cardigan which I pulled on halfway through blogging this post. In the meantime a fog has rolled in and the sun is making an effort to play Hide-go-Seek with it. Here I sit on this Coney Island boardwalk deciding that upon returning from my “pier” I will go ride one of the speed cars. Onward to my next adventure, taking me farther and further. Join me, or find a pier and embark on your own musings! Happy Summer!

The Third Installment of the AWWR Publication

I. IMMIGRANTS IN A FOREIGN LAND So if we’re going to be so darn fussy, about who is “different” then shouldn’t we all return to our original homelands? But of course, there are quite a few Americans today who cannot trace their ancestry back to their original locations, so where does that leave them? May I suggest: Ambassadors for peace, embracing and extending warm welcomes to all new immigrants?