#52essays: Manifest (Black) Destiny!

I accepted a position at a college in another remote location. My 5th move to a small white village/town. My cousin says, "as for you, you love you some white people or maybe it's the cold..." I don't answer her with much because I can't really defend myself. All my adult life I've never been … Continue reading #52essays: Manifest (Black) Destiny!


You ask me to sit awhile with you. Instead I open your windows; talk about the rustling plantain trees; about doing your laundry; ask what you would like to eat for dinner. All the while standing.  I don’t know how to visit with you. I sat rubbing your legs that one evening when you had that severe gas bubble … Continue reading SKIN

Beautiful Ebony Queen

Beautiful Ebony Queen, with eyes bright and skin shea-butter soft.What have you done to me?I am taking you in with every breath    and I don’t want to exhale.You take my breath while you give me fresh air.    Breathe for me.I call upon the ancestors,    the Queenly Mothers from a long line of Feminine Royalty.Hear me.Hear us.As we go … Continue reading Beautiful Ebony Queen