Update on Life as I Have Known It

Hi Blog Family! It's been about 3 months since I blogged. Basically since I was hospitalized in March-April, I haven't written much. I've had two publications come out: Writing Fire: An Anthology Celebrating the Power of Women's Words and Berkshire Mosaic, both of which were fun pieces to write. The former celebrated a fictionalized version of … Continue reading Update on Life as I Have Known It

On being born biracial in Spokane & the Dolezal discourse

faith adiele

I was born in a Home for Unwed Mothers in Spokane, Washington. Among the 50 white and 10 black girls, my white (Nordic-American) mother, pregnant by my black (Nigerian) father, was the only one who straddled both worlds. (Ironically, at the time she was reading Black Like Me, journalist John Howard Griffin’s account of medically darkening his skin and masquerading as black.) As soon as she could walk, the Home encouraged her to take me and go. Her outspokenness, plus her decision to keep me, at a time when unwed white girls were being shamed into surrendering their babies for adoption, challenged Home policy.

Young Holly & Faith sepia I’ve been to Spokane only once since then, a decade ago, on book tour. Mum accompanied me, and trip highlights included finding the Home where I was born and being trailed through town by skinheads in a rust (or bullet) -ridden car. (So essentially I’ve been chased from my birthplace twice.) A few years before, a white family friend and his…

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