What is Right & Just?

Even when we are squeezed to our tightest some of us can still splurge on that Starbucks, or in my case, a Mickie D's iced coffee. Should I be giving that dollar to Salvation Army? What difference does my $1 make in the face of such great need? Over the years of living in The Bay, I grew to learn to offer to buy homeless folks a meal of their choice rather than hand them the $5. But should I have just handed them whatever I could afford and allowed them to do whatever they wanted with it? Who decides what the less-fortunate among us needs? Shouldn't I ask them personally (if possible) before I feed or clothe them? Should I be policing their choices just because I'm giving them a donation? In the same vein, should I be buying presents for family members instead of making a donation in their names? What's the proper thing to do?

On the Business of Choosing Dears II

Read Part 1 here Sister Avery must have done her research or at least talked to my dorm mates. I glanced at Wynie to see if she'd betray Sister Avery's snooping. She was too busy licking her fingers, slowly melting the piece of chocolate she had popped into her mouth, waiting for the fruit-filled center … Continue reading On the Business of Choosing Dears II

“In Darfur”: Is There Merit to Living the Status Quo?

I just returned from seeing "In Darfur." I'm literally still shaking from the violence. Despite the trigger warnings we were given, my body was not ready for this. If I'm shaking from the renactment, imagine how my sisters Hawa and Hamida on the ground in Darfur are feeling. Some plays and films based on real life happenings … Continue reading “In Darfur”: Is There Merit to Living the Status Quo?