Where do I begin?

I have shut myself offTrying not to feelYour fingersCriss-crossing on my backYour lipspausing over my bodyhonoring its Blacknessits Beauty I have told myselfTo remember the pleasureIs to sayThere was nothing moreBut oh there was moreSo much moreBut the pleasure…As there had never been beforeIs forever stamped in my memoryI’m afraid The silence we tendIn our separate waysHangs … Continue reading Where do I begin?

A Good Friday Reflection

It's my second Easter without any feelings about church in general. Good or bad. I don't miss it. I just miss the community and the music mostly. I attended my first Seder last night in place of a good ole' Good Friday preaching and crying service. I must say, I didn't feel like I was … Continue reading A Good Friday Reflection

Amakka- Part II

“Dinner was great, huh ladies?” Ranni asked the next morning as we walked to class. “I like the new student!” I declared emphatically. “Correction, prospective student! And of course you would!” Chinukwe retorted. “What is that supposed to mean?”  I asked searching their faces as they both pretended to find another subject of concern at … Continue reading Amakka- Part II

Amakka-Part I

She was a first year PhD student from another school a few miles away in Nsukka, who was considering transferring to my school in Enugu. I flashed my award-winning smile at her and pulled out a chair for her at the table my friend, Chinukwe, and I were seated at. "Welcome." I said. Chinukwe, quite … Continue reading Amakka-Part I