Another piece of the memoir

“OnSa Sshwε mbSframa ebien sika ye Sdze brε mi Sboso a? Sε wannfa ba nkε oye!” Grandmother stuttered in her frustration, fussing about the meager amount of money my father brought for our upkeep on his sporadic visits. My father’s visits always evoked such outbursts from Grandmother though none were ever expressed in his presence. … Continue reading Another piece of the memoir

To Try Or Not To Try: Butchering Unusual Names

So which is better? Trying to say it and then totally messing it up, or asking how to pronounce my name and attempting to repeat it as correctly as possible? Nothing irks me more than those who after asking for help (more than once) in saying it then proceed to laugh loudly and nervously, throw their hands up in the air helplessly and inform me that they wouldn’t try it even if they had Rosetta Stone sounding it out phonetically for them. The sadder issue for me is that this latter crowd is often comprised of my non-immigrant Black brothers and sisters. Almost as if getting it right would reveal some residual knowledge of Africa. It leaves me speechless. If this is the case, why did you bother asking me to say it so many times for you to begin with? SMH.

Apologizing Profusely and Checking In

You have been on my mind at least once a day for the last month. I am sorry for not keeping you posted on what’s been happening. Quite a bit has happened and it’s all happened so fast that I’ve had to do all I can to physically keep up. Blogging about it to share has been high on my priority list but I haven’t been able to make that happen until now. Thank you for checking in and reading and liking posts even as it’s been silent on here. I’ve missed hearing from people, perhaps you have as well? 🙂 Forgive me for the silence. You will find though that I have been writing. Working very tirelessly on the memoir, as well as a lot of other social commentary pieces that I will share with you soon. I also finally got off my behind and turned in close to 5000 words for two contests and a residency application. Keep all those appendages crossed for me!