#52essays: Woman Thou Art Loosed!

I don’t want to apologize for existing or interrupting your existence. My Beloved said something to this effect a few days ago. I was telling her how that afternoon a student in my Wellness class had sat folded in on herself the entire length of the class, her long weave shading her slouched body and … Continue reading #52essays: Woman Thou Art Loosed!

#52essays: Look What the Aging Challenge Dredged Up!

I wanted to participate in the 10 year Aging Challenge that is making its rounds on SM. I recalled that I came to FB in 2007, so I went searching for the first photos I posted. I found some but every single one of them was with others. I'm sure I opened the account with … Continue reading #52essays: Look What the Aging Challenge Dredged Up!

#52essays: Eternal Nomad Resolution

My North Wind came calling a few days before the New Year, and it's been blowing wildly about, clouding my vision. I think I am a perpetual nomad at heart, a restless spirit, and any attempts to lay down roots are going against my grain. The price of belonging is high to us nomads. It … Continue reading #52essays: Eternal Nomad Resolution