Life Beyond the Vacation

A place I hadn't lived in for 16 years. I am taking a big leap of faith dragging myself off to another continent and especially to a country where sexism and homophobia have lunch together every day. A place where any sense of progressiveness is sometimes seen as an adoption of Western ideals and a booting of the traditional homegrown ones. Homophobia and sexism are preached in the pulpit on Sundays at most churches, discussed and prayed about at Bible Study on weekdays, and argued about over Star beer in the local chop bars where men retreat to instead of going home to their toiling wives.

Another Blog Entry Several Days Delayed

It’s the 28th of June. Technically, my return ticket is for the 29th of July. This means I have 31 days before I return to the US. This means I have spent about 41 days in Ghana— the longest amount of time I have spent here since I immigrated in January of 1996. I have dealt with the mosquito bites, the audacity of the fly population, the persistent ant infestation (at home), the smog-filled 2-hour plus traffic jams that no amount of smog checks can rid us off, the random electricity outages and water shortages, and my biggest peeve, the inefficient mobile phone system that has me scratching cards of close to 30 Gh cedis each week (equivalent of $20) to top up my “credit” just so I can have hurried 2-minute phone conversations or “flash” (akin to collect calls) my other family members for them to call me.