There's been a lot of thoughts scrolling through my brain randomly, but with such lightening speed that I have almost felt paralyzed the past 20 days of the new year. Today, as I was changing my sheets and tucking in the blanket, I realized that someone needed to take on the task of inventing a … Continue reading AFEHYIA PA! (20 DAYS OVER DUE)

For My Siblings, In Solidarity (for the anniversary)

Where am I? I’m sure you are dying to know! For Christmas, I gave myself the gift of a second pilgrimage to Haiti, Ayiti, the beautiful land of beautiful people where the great economic divide is as visible as the night and day that marks the passing of time and where suffering, as widespread as it is, never keeps the people from smiling back when you make eye contact. I had to return to Ayiti. It had wrapped its arms around me in May 2002 when I made my first pilgrimage and it had refused to let go. So I honored it, and all who were in it, by returning.